On Trend in the Jill Skirt

Photo Jan 10, 3 50 10 PMLuLaRoe is not only comfort and fun… LuLaRoe is on-trend.

gucci-jillHave you seen the gorgeous Gucci accordion pleated skirts? I don’t know about you, but I look, drool, and move on. In the $1500 to over $4000 range, a Gucci skirt isn’t in my reality. But guess what is?! The Jill skirt at a $55 price point for sure is in my range! The Jill is a beautiful, lighter-than-air, flowy bit of gorgeousness for your wardrobe! I love the Jill skirt dressed up and looking so lady-like. But she’s also equally adorable, dressed down for a casual, fun day.

Thanks Gucci, but I’ll take the Jill skirt at $55.
You can find the Jill skirt, along with her friends, Cassie, Madison and Maxi in my private shopping group here. If you’re not a member, request to join, and you’ll be added.

Chiffon accordion pleats… the Jill skirt. Yes, please!

me-JillI wasn’t instantly drawn to this beauty of a skirt. I thought it was too girly… not quite me. But I quickly realized just how versatile this could be.

With the wide elastic waistband, it adds a fun, usually contrasting pop of color. And as you’d expect… elastic = COMFY. Along with the light chiffon, this combination fits perfectly in the LuLaRoe line of AH-mazing comfort. It’s like I’m wearing nothing at all—of course, without the odd glances and  breezy-in-all-the-wrong-places feeling.

The greatest part about the Jill is how adaptable she is. The Jill skirt and I get along very well, because she’s as accepting of a gray t-shirt swing top and ballet flats as she is a beautiful silk blouse and dressy heels. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.