My Story

familyIn my former life, I owned an advertising studio, had a wonderful family, and thought my life was complete. When my mom was diagnosed with scleroderma, leading to a 7-year fatal battle, my priorities realigned. I left my business behind and dedicated myself to my family. I’ve come out the other side of sadness and loss, and LLR has given me new life.

So why LuLaRoe? Well, with college upon us for my son, and very soon for my daughter, I’d been looking at rebooting my studio to increase our family income. But when I bought my first pair of LuLaRoe leggings, I was an instant fan. I was taken by the quality and value. It didn’t take long, shopping LuLaRoe to realize this was a special company. Their commitment to comfort, quality and originality was only second to the fact that they manufacture in part, here in the U.S. And they strive to put life blood back into local economies, and to bless the lives of as many people as they can. I realized quickly that my new life was going to be with LuLaRoe.

My mom and I had a clothing boutique when I was in high school and college. It was a great thing to share with her. And now that my daughter is in high school, this just seemed to click. LuLaRoe is a wonderful thing for me to share with her—giving her the opportunity earn extra money, see how women can be empowered, and to experience what I got to have with my mom… while, at the same time being able to put away a great income for both my kids’ college years and for our retirement.

I’ve been with LuLaRoe since August of 2015, and as I look around, I am amazed at how much this company is changing the lives of so many. It fills my heart to know that this is something I’m able to be a part of. So here I am. On the path to our dreams of college, a comfy retirement and a lot of fun in between.

If you’re interested in how LuLaRoe might help you with your dreams, just ask me!

xo Lynn


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