The Top 10 colors for 2016… and we’ve got ‘em!

Photo Feb 09, 4 20 11 PMPantone, thEE world-renowned authority on color publishes a report each year, highlighting the hottest colors for design and fashion. These are the colors that you’ll see in all the on-trend lines across board, from runway fashions to hot interior design looks and environmental displays. Pantone predicts the colors that will paint your year.

Photo Feb 09, 4 30 06 PMThis year the list includes shades of minty green, pinks and blues that are showing up a lot in the LuLaRoe inventories. I’m so excited to see mint green coming back! It reminds me of my favorite mint-chip ice cream. Yummm!

2016colors-patternIn their report, the top two colors of 2016 are rose quartz and serenity—a warm pink, and a soft, dusty blue. I love the way the LuLaRoe print designers paired these colors in this exclusive pattern that’s edgy enough to allow the soft, sweet colors still have a bit of sass.

Keep your eyes open. The LuLaRoe palette is on-trend and ready to conquer 2016. For a ton of LuLaGoodness, shop with me every Wednesday, right here! If you’re not already a member, request to join and you’ll be approved.

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